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Top Rated Affiliates are selected using the following criteria: Excellent Google ratings, they agree to a high Duty of Care, and customer service is their #1 priority.

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Are you interested in funding for your home purchase? Need professional assistance in selling your condo in California? Are you making your first steps in the real estate industry as a Realtor? Top Rated Real Estate Services is your reference website for all things real estate in California. We do not offer home loans, training courses for agents, or renovation services to make your property ready for sale. But we know those who can help you and are proud to be the place to go for your well-advised due diligence.


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If you own a property or are looking to own one, you can rely on our referral service to find the help you need. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or refinance, you can use our search system to look for the following and MUCH MORE:

  • Top Rated REALTORS near you

  • Home value services

  • Mortgage services


Get assistance from Top Rated Real Estate Agents who are experienced in selling, buying, renting, and flipping properties to make the most out of every dollar you invest in a home. We only refer customers to highly trustworthy companies or real estate service providers with a proven track record of excellent service. By contacting them via our website, you know all the companies have been vetted so you can comfortably make a hiring choice for what needs to be done with your property in any state in the United States.

In addition to REALTORS and home loan providers, we can connect you with real estate professionals enabling property purchases with cryptocurrency. Find the best Real Estate Agents and connect with them to discuss how you can transform your crypto coins into a house for your family.


New opportunities for real estate professionals

We have some great referral opportunities for you if you are a Real Estate Agent or looking to become one. Be sure to use our service to find the following:


  • Real Estate training courses for improving your skills

  • Training courses for financial management

  • Franchise opportunities that let you run Real Estate companies on your own


You can be rated first when sellers and buyers are searching online for a real estate agent. Advance your career to help you gain more satisfied customers through the skills you gain with our online coaching and training courses. If you have goals to become more than a real estate agent and want to grow your career through becoming a broker, you can start your own real estate company through our franchise company. All companies and franchise programs we allow into our referral service are thoroughly screened to ensure the highest level or service will be given.


How we choose are affiliates and referral companies

Hours of research and completion of certain requirements are put into every entry into our rating and referral service. 


Some of the many points we focus on are:


  • Does the real estate related company have the experience and expertise they claim to have?

  • Does the company have excellent reviews given by customers and partners?

  • Do they have other online ratings and recommendations to suggest they have the highest level of service?

  • Does the company have appropriate documents and official records to ensure professional service? 


Choosing a real estate agent or reaching the next level in your career should be a well-informed and highly vetted decision. Our goal is to make that decision easier for you through our partners and affiliates in the real estate industry.


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